about us

No one is harmed in the making of your meal

Staazi & Co is a mobile food VAN and TAKEAWAY SHOP bringing delicious Greek vegan food to the streets of Adelaide

It started as a dream to share and spread vegan lifestyle education and awareness through food. We want to advocate that veganism is not compromising taste but rather living in alignment with core values we are all born with. Our project is a message of compassion, kindness & sustainability coupled with really good food. Our drive and motivation is animal liberation.

100% VEGAN

There is no need to worry about hidden non vegan ingredients in our food or cross contamination. There are no traces of cruelty in your meal.


We can confidently assure you that although we have emitted animal products, our meals are delicious and full of flavor. We have been voted #5 best vegan food van in the world by lonely planet.


Our service is fast and friendly while ensuring a good quality, fresh product every time. Our staff are happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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