Voted #5 best vegan food truck in the world by lonely planet


We are serving amazing Greek Vegan Street Food on grenfell street in adelaide


Staazi & Co is a mobile food van  and take away shop bringing delicious Greek vegan food to the streets of Adelaide.

Our ingredients are 100% plant based and we are confident we can change any preconception you may have that being vegan is limiting. Our commitment is to care for the welfare of all animals and the environment. All our meals are made without the use of any animal products, inclusive of meat, milk, cheese, butter, cream and eggs. 

100% VEGAN

There is no need to worry about hidden non vegan ingredients in our food or cross contamination. There are no traces of cruelty in your meal.


We can confidently assure you that although we have emitted animal products, our meals are delicious and full of flavor. We have been voted #5 best vegan food truck in the world by lonely planet.


Our service is fast and friendly while ensuring a good quality, fresh product every time. Our staff are happy to help answer any questions you might have.

Adelaide's one and only Greek Vegan Takeaway shop

our specialties



Lamb Yiros


PB “lamb”, home made tzatziki, tomato, red onion/parsley & hot chips wrapped in authentic toasted pita.




Greek style slaw layered over seasoned hot chips then topped with home made tzatziki & olive tapenade.



Lamb AB


PB “lamb” layered over hot chips then topped with home made tzatziki & another sauce of your choice (tomato, bbq or sriracha).

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What regulars are saying

"Stopped at the Saazi & Co foodtruck that was at an event in Victoria Square and got a yiros. Service was amazingly fast and very friendly. The yiros was of a very high quality. Can't reccomend highly enough. I will be tracking them down again whenever I can."
"Oh my god, no review can do this place justice. Honourable mission, simply incredible yiros, great chips. Makes you feel like you’re truly not missing out"
"It is so good, the texture, the flavour, the great service. I can't fault any of it. I now have a reason to come into the city again ❤"
"Shut the front door! Wow... Took my non vegan Greek friends and everyone left more than happy. Great friendly service too. Don't think... Just go."
"Two words.... Vegan Deliciousness. Nuff said, get into it!"
"The fries are incredible. So fresh and perfect in colour and texture 😍 the chicken yiro was really really good too. Top job"

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